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Are You Coloring Your Hair?

Are you coloring your hair? Have you been thinking about it and are not sure? Maybe you’re over due for a visit to the salon and just haven’t made it in. Maybe you’ve been doing it at home and it never turns out the way you hoped. Well if you’re not coloring your hair you should be and here why…

1-It Makes You Feel Good

We live in a world that is constanly throwing out struggles left and right. We often find ourselves being weighed down with the whoas of the world. Sometimes a little “pick me up” is in order. It seems like a small thing, but it make a huge difference in how you feel. Whether you are just covering gray, adding a balayage highlight or going for a whole new look, hair color will have you leaving the salon feeling like Wonder Woman. This is much cheaper than a psychiatrist and you get a whole new due as well.

2-It Makes You Look Younger

I’m always amazed to see the transformation of an full head of gray after a color service. Its like I waved my magic wand and took ten years off your face. Alot of clients say they don’t want the maintance of keeping up with their dark hair and their white roots, but don’t really like what a full head of gray does for their look. I sugest going lighter or using a toner over your gray to add a translucent hue of color. The roots will not stand out out so harshly and you will maintain your youthful glow. Highlighting is another great way to add color without leaving the line of demarcation and the continious up keep.

3- It Can Make Gray Hair More Managable

The number one thing I hear from clients is that their gray hairs are course and unmanagable. It can make styling very frustrating when all your grays are standing on end. This has to do with the hardening of the cuticle due to the lack of melanin and change in hormones. coloring softens the cuticle leaving it softer and easier to work with. That equals less time in front of the mirror with the round brush for you.

4-Because Its Fun

This is the reason I love coloring my hair. Its fun to see the change and even better its instant gratification. In our fast paced world we have gotten use to seeing results in a short amount of time. No more waiting around a month to develope film like we did in the 80’s, its already on our screen. Yet alot of things still take time like loosing weight or reaching career goals. Hair color gives you that instant gratification and you leave the salon on cloud nine. Extra bonus, all your friends will be throwing compliments at you for weeks.

5-Because We Can

Women have been coloring their hair since 1500 BC. The Egyptians, the Geeks and Romans used Henna (a plant extract) to cover gray hair. It wasn’t until 1907 that the first hair bleach hit the market. women were finally able to go lighter rather than just put something on to cover. Now in 2017 we have have full coverage permnant color, less abrasive lightners, toners, glosses, and vivid colors. This doesn’t even get into all the amazing ways we have developed to put these colors onĀ  with bottle, brush, foil, balayage, rooted color and the list goes on and on. If you can dream it up, we can do it. I think we owe it to all the women who came before us to take advantage of the science of hair color.

6-You’re Helping the Economy

This may seem as if I’m really reaching, but most hairstylists are indepedent contactors. That means they are small businesses. When you get your hair colored you’re not giving your money to the big businesses to stuff in their bank accounts. You’re helping pay a family morgage or providing money for Christmas presents. Whatever your stylist uses her income for it is most likely going back into your community. This will help stimulate the economy by keeping money moving and benefiting the people you care about. If you’re curious how the economy is doing ask your hairstylist. We will be the hardest hit in a recession, but if color books are filled the economy is flurishing.

Whatever your reason for contacting your salon, it can only be positive. We can make you feel younger, brighter and more vivid covering gray hairs better than our ancestors could have ever dreamed. So give your stylist a call, we can help you feel gorgeous and you can support your small business community. Anyways have you seen all the fun colors…

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