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Be Beautiful Inside

I work in the beauty industry where hair, makeup, and eyelashes seem to rule the world. I want to take a moment to say that is NOT true Beauty. I have met girls that I initially thought there could never be a more stunning woman on Earth. Only to have her open her mouth into the murky waters of shallowness. There’s so much more to beauty than what you look like. Beauty is something deep and complicated that maybe starts with a smile, but ends in watching the sunrise after a night of amazing conversation.

☆Three Steps to Be Beautiful☆

Everyday put 30mins into bettering your mind, body and soul.

•1- Mind- Find 30 or more minutes a day to do something that makes you more intelligent. Read a book, newspaper, learn a new song or skill. This is easy while you’re still in school, but gets shoved to the back burner as you get older and life gets busier. You never stop learning and intelligence is beautiful.

•2- Body- Find 30 or minutes a day to work on your physical body. This could be going for a walk or run. You could take a dance class or go to spin. Join kick boxing or Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I prefer to excersize three days a week and fill the other days with adventure like riding bike with my kids or walking through the state park.  It will be easy to see the beauty come shining through as your endurance grows and you feel stronger.

•3- Soul- Find 30 or more minutes a day to work in the spiritual relm. Everyone’s soul work is a little different and that in itself is beautiful. Some people may find going and getting involved in their church is the answer, where others find solace in solitaire meditation. This is where true beauty is born. This is where we truly work to be better people. Some days your soul work will be for yourself and others it will be for others.  Listen to your intuition as your guide, you know if you are being a good person or if you’re being led astray. And please remember that everyone’s Soul Journey is different. Your answers are not always the answers for others. So put your judge on the back shelf with a bit of duct tape over his mouth and open your heart to true beauty.

Once you start to feel the effects of true beauty changing you, your happiness and self-worth will grow. Don’t forget to get your roots touched up because we want your outside as beautiful as your inside.


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