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Hairstylists Near Me

Have you ever Googled “hairstylists near me” or “salons near me?”

It’s a bit over whelming to see how many hairstylist and salons are in your area.

How do you choose?

How do you know if they are talented?

Are you going to like them as a person?

Let’s talk about the things you should look for in a stylist, because lets face it salons near me doesn’t tell you if you are compatible.

#1 – Did You get a Referral?

This may be the most influential information you receive about your new stylist. Getting a referral from a friend or family member lets you know that someone you already trust, trusts them. You can already see their work on your dear friend who gave you their card. This is always a good sign.

#2 – Is the Salon Clean?

Walking into a clean salon will let you know that your stylist takes pride in their work place and likely their work. granted their will always be hair floating around the hair salon, but look closer… Are the sink bowls clean and free of grime and old color? Are clean brushes and combs free of someone else’s hair? Are color bowls and other tools cleaned and put away? I take just as much pride in my hair studio as I do my hair cuts and colors.

#3 – Does Your Stylist Listen to You?

I’m always a little floored when I hear a hairstylist tell their client that they know whats best for them. I feel its super important to help your client make the best decisions with your professional opinion, but the client is the one who will wear the style and deal with it everyday. Make sure your stylist is discussing the options pros and cons. Will you be able to style your hair at home? How much maintenance will it require? Is it acceptable for your work place? Do you have the correct type of hair for this style? I always encourage people to bring pictures, so nothing is lost in translation.

#4 – Do You Like Your Hairstylist?

This is often over looked at first but can become an irratating problem as time goes on. I’ve heard more than once of someone leaving their stylist because they just didn’t click with them. Or they did a great cut but complained about their life the whole time. Look for a hairstylist that makes you feel beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. You visit the salon to feel good not leave bogged down with someone elses negativity.

#5 – Can You Easily make an Appointment?

Are you able to get an appointment when you need to? Do they return their voice mails or text messages within twenty-four hours? I always encourage prebooking your appointment and always call ahead.

#6 – Does Your Cosmetologist Consistently do a Good Job?

Have you ever had your hair cut and loved it the first time, but your return visit didn’t go as well? Consistency is the key word and is often a sign of a seasoned hair stylist. After years of experience your stylist should be able to duplicate your results.

In Conclusion:

I for one want everyone who sits in my chair to feel comfortable and happy. I also want them to return happy and tell all their friends. If you feel you need a little more than just” salons near you” then ask your self a few of these questions. Clients and stylists should have a trust and respect for one another. Stop in so we can start working on that.

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