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Keeping Your Vivid Bright

So vivid colors are super hot right now. Everyone is asking for purples and blue or whatever your favorite vivid color maybe. I love that these colors have become more acceptable in common day and the work place.  I for one love when my hair is electric orange.  The thing about vivid colors is they are not like regular permanent hair color. Here’s a few thing you should know if you’re thinking of brightening up your hair.

#1- Vivid colors are major maintainence. This is an important thing to think about when choosing your hair color. The average vivid color only lasts around 2-3 weeks before it fades. This is all do to science (so, no we can’t change that.) The color pigment in vivid colors is actually too large to penatrate into into your hair shaft. It only makes it about half way and is more coating your hair than coloring it. That means every shampoo is washing that color away.

#2- Yes you have to bleach your hair first! Unless you are already a toe head blonde, we are going to have to lighten your hair to make those vivids pop. Vivid colors work like a stain. There’s no lift, no peroxide,  no ammonia. That being said, the lighter the blonde the brighter your color. If you have been coloring your hair a dark color it may take more than one service to get your hair light enough to make that vivid color bright. Yes you will be charged for all applications. If you are seeking those pastel colors you will need basically white blonde hair or those pastels will not take.

#3- How do I keep the color from fading? Well, that’s easy Don’t wash it! These colors are not meant to stick in the hair long. Like I explained in #1 the pigment is to large to sink into your hair the way permanent color does. I recommend only shampooing once or twice a week and using dry shampoo  in between.

#4 – Shampoo with cold water and sulfate free shampoo. Hot water will open up your hair shaft and release the color faster. Cold water will help prolong brightness. The products you use will make a difference. I love Pureology products, they are sulfate free and add weeks  ( number of shampoos ) to your color. I have found using a no poo shampoo like Pureology cleansing conditioner does the best. These shampoos do not suds.

#5-Watch out for bleeding color. Your Vivid colors will stain your towels, your pillow case and your shower curtain. I wish I had a dollar for all the pillow cases I’ve ruined by going to bed with wet hair. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple dark towels and pillow cases. Make sure to dry your hair if you’re going out with a light colored shirt.

So now you have some awesome facts about Vivid colors. Now go out and rock your Pink hair. Don’t forget to book your refresh color before you leave the salon.


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