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L♡Ve your Hair

Today I’m going to tell you about a new client that I met last week.  This awesome girl was referred by one of my favorite clients. This new client had never had her hair professionally colored in a hair salon, so it was a brand new experience for her. We sat down and talked, flipped through pictures of her favorite hair colors and eventually picked a picture. We decided not to go as bold as vivid red,  but kept it in rr family and we kept her natural level 3 root color. This type of color can keep color maintenance down at a minimum with a root look. She left the salon looking just like the picture.

Later that night, she messaged me. She complimented the way the hair blended and agreed it looked like the photo we had chosen, but she wasn’t sure if she liked it. I texted her back and reassured  her that it may just take a few days to get use to the change, but if she was still unsure about it to Please message me. I really wanted her to love her new hair… Sleep on it, see how you feel in the morning…

Two days later, she still wasn’t feeling it. So I said, “Come on in and let’s see what we can do.” When she came back she was so sweet and understood and had given her the hsir color she had asked for. She still felt the roots were too dark to go with the brightness on the ends.

I let her know thst her happiness was important to me. We re-consulted and decided on a base breaker for her roots and a violet toner to calm her ends. I threw the blowout and style in for free. This client had mixed girl hsir and had struggled to find anyone to straighten her hair properly. She left with the biggest smile on her face. I told her to let me know how she liked her hair this time and if it was working for her.

She messaged me that night to tell me she loved it.  Her Boyfriend even said it was sexy Af. She was happy she had come back and her happiness meant something to her hairstylist. She had finally found her girl and booked an appointment for another blowout and iron style.

I thought about her for the next few days how important communication and satisfaction was. She could have kept quiet, never said a word and never come back. I encouraged her to communicate with me about how she felt about her hair. Because of this we found the perfect hair color and she found out I give the best damn blowout in town. She gets to show it off!

So to sum it all up, speak up friends- your hairstylist wants you to be happy and in love with your hair. Build your relationship and your trust- we care and want you at your most fabulous.

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