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Mirabella's Ambassador Class

Hey friends, I’ve been dieing to tell you about how I kicked off the month with the Mirabella Ambassador class in New Hope, MN. I always love traveling to a class. It sparks my inner gypsy to get out from behind the chair and behind the wheel to seek out new education and hone in on those Event skills. Mirabella has been making some big changes this year and I’m super excited to be apart of it. Don’t worry ladies I’ll fill you in on all the good news.

I left the house that morning feeling on top of my game in a silver vintage blouse, black skirt and maroon sparkle tights. I always feel that dressing the part makes a statement that you are a person going places. On this particular morning I was feeling very Devil Wears Prada, with a Miranda kind of mindset. It was to my complete surprise to enter the Ambassador’s class and meet head of Education for Mirabella Sara Kelly and the new owner of Mirabella cosmetics Miranda Coggins.

Was it coincidence that I was feeling so Miranda only to meet the new owner Miranda? The ladies put on an amazing class stocked full of new products for testing, information on what cosmetic is best for who and things that have not been preforming well and what they are doing to fix that. The ladies even brought coffee and breakfast; did they know I skipped breakfast to be there and I have a concerning caffeine habit?

The most interesting thing to me was that hairstylists and women alike use around 2-4 hair products per day, but 7-13 makeup cosmetics. I had never really put that much thought into it, but having it so blatantly put I started to question do I really love hair more than makeup? I’m thinking that I really love all of it.

Rundown on Upcoming Changes

We did a run down on what the company has been doing since February when it exchanged hands. All summer they have been studying and surveying to see how they can improve their makeup line. Miranda politely apologized for a few hiccups along the way.

Don’t worry ladies they are fixing the CC Creame. They have now gotten in contact with the manufacturers and are working out the wrinkles. They are discontinuing several products including the Cream to Powder, Perfecting Concealer V, Skin to Tint Cream V W, and Eye shadow collection.

Never fear though, the new products coming out are just divine ( I tried them myself). There are 4 new Eye Shadow pallets making their debut. Each with their own highlighter centered in the middle with eight gorgeous colors and an application mirror. The Bronzed and Brilliant line is also being revamped into Sculpt, making its way to salons in June 2018.

Lips, Brows and Contour

I had the pleasure of trying it the new lip colors in matte and gloss (Let me tell you, when they say “long lasting” they mean it.) I think my personal favorite was the new brush line. They feel like silk and are a solid handle with no breaks. Great brushes make great makeup.

We had some wonderful demonstrations on contouring, Brows (Sara made my brows so pretty), and lovely lips. They gave tips on how we can clean our makeup brushes with a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water, put your pencils in the geezer for 10 minutes before sharpening and the best foundations for photoshoots (Invincibles.)

I also learned that the Bullet Proof finishing spray not only keeps your makeup fresh for 12 hours longer, but it also minimizes pores up to 86%. (OMG I think I should bathe in it.) We finished up our day with the limited time Lash Extensions. These lashes looked thick and lush and are reusable up to 15 times.

So much going on in this amazing company and I was grateful to be apart of it. There was so much information that I can”t possibly cover all of it here today. I guess you’ll have to drop in and pick my brain and my makeup case. I’m ordering the new travel kit for events ( Its like X-mas.)

I can’t wait to see where Mirabella will take me next year. I feel like we’re going to new places, opening new opportunities while looking powerfully flawless.

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