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The Magic of Balayage

Hey friends, I spent the day in Minneapolis yesterday at a hair color class. I always love going to a hair class. It gets me all pumped up and gives me new ideas or at the least lets me refine and prefect my prior knowledge and skill.

The greatest thing about continental education is the hairstylist that are present actually want to learn and better themselves.  It makes the whole learning experience so much better.

What is Balayage?

Yesterday’s class focused on Balayage hair color techniques. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep. This means we actually sweep the color on your hair. This swept method provides a softer feel to highlights than previously used with foiling. Balayage takes advantage of the dark tones in your hair to create depth and movement in your hair.

I picked up alot of great tips to add to my magical hair colors. We covered some great placement techniques, use of a Balayage board, use of clay lighteners. I have found in the 15 years I’ve been styling hair that it’s the small little tips that truly refine my craft.

Hair color can change the way you feel about yourself and that is where the magic lays. If I’m going to work such a great magic that can make or break your world I want to make sure I have refined my craft. Education will always play a huge part in the art of Hair color and I’m so glad I expanded my skills.

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