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Tis the Season

Its that time of the year again. I have found that you either love it or hate it with tinsil and snowflakes everywhere you go. I don’t think there is a business in America that isn’t playing Christmas music from November 1st until the end of December. So whether you are humming along to the tune of Silver Bells or singing outloud to The Grinch Stole Christmas you are most likely going out to do some shopping.

That’s where things get a little shady for me. You see I’m not a huge shopper. I’m more of a get in and get out kinda girl with a clear prospective of exactly what I want. Its easy to get wrapped up in all the consumerism going on out there and forget about the true meaning of the Holidays.

This time of year the days are getting shorter and the tempatures are dropping and its easy to get a bit down with the lack of sunshine. Different cultures around the world all had this in common and some where along the line they decided it was a good time to cheer eachother up. Scandanavain people brought in evergreens and holly to decorate there homes. Famlies started making little gifts for one another, helping to pass the time of the long winter. Most of these gifts were homeade and normally practical. I myself love a nice pair of wool socks. These long winters brought families into very close contact, most living in one to two room homes. It was also a great time to have a feast and use up the rest of the fresh produce before the temptures dropped super low and they would spoil.

Today this holiday season is very different. We have become accustom to Christmas lights and Black Friday Deals. Everywhwere you go there are advertisments and Santa Clauses wandering about. Its easy to get carried away and forget whats important.

A few years ago I stepped back and thought this is completly out of hand. My kids Christmas piles were twice their size and their greed was growing. I didn’t like what I was seeing. They weren’t even appricative of the things they recieved, it was on to the next gift. There was a lack of Thank yous and just way too much stuff. Thats when I ran across the Four for Christmas. We are now on our third year and I’m proud to say I like the results. I got my mom and other Grandma on board and the kids are still getting a fair amount of presents without the spoilling into Christmas brats.

Four for Christmas is simple

1- Something they can wear

2- Something they can read

3-Something that they want

4-Something that they need

We started doing things like putting the tree up together. Yes, its harder when the kids help and yes, you could probley make it prettier by yourself, but its the act of doing it together that counts. We also started cooking together. Sophie helped this year with making the Lemmon Meringue Pie. She learned how to zest and juice lemmons and she did a great job seperating the egg whites from the yolks. These are the things your kids really crave. YOUR TIME. Give them your time and set down your phone. Read your favorite Hoilday story to them or get bundled up and go ice skating. You will never be able to buy enough gifts to satisfy their unlimited wants, but you can satisfy their need for love and attention with nothing but your time.

So when you head out to do your Holiday shopping, remember its not about how much you buy. Its about giving your time to the ones who need you the most. So teach your kids how to make Nandas Delicious Buns and then bundle up and go outside and make a snowman. Don’t get wrapped up in all the presents, because you’re still the best present they will ever recieve.

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